It’s been an exciting last two weeks.  The beginning and end of school, the grand goodbyes, and ticking off of the to-do lists. In many ways we’ve been planning this trip for over four years and it’s hard to believe it’s finally here!  It feels strangely calm, like the calm before the storm?  But everything is running smoothly so far.  We’re on our way to LAX where we’ll take an 8-hr Air Tahiti-Nui flight to Papeete. The girls are nestled in beside me with their sticker books and Ash has his new Starwars toy.  

If it isn’t in the bag we’ll buy it. Speaking of bags, the question that we received more than any other was, “how are you going to pack for six months?”. Well, we procrastinated  more or less until yesterday, but we ended up with four bags and two small day-backpacks.  One is full of kids life jackets, a bag for the kids clothes and school books, a bag for Don and I, one for Fall in Japan (it will head back to Vancouver with my mom) and then we’ll have two bags and two travel backpacks. What we don’t have we’ll buy. Or, hopefully we’ll find we just don’t need it.

We’re en route to French Polynesia. Airport motel Tahiti here we come! Tomorrow morning we’ll take a puddle jumper to Raiatea, French Polynesia’s second largest island. There, we will meet the captain who will be shepherding  us around the islands for the next two weeks. Anchoring at island with names we’ve been dreaming of forever and can’t believe we’ll soon be seeing in the flesh… like Bora Bora… And new ones like Huahine and Moorea. 

What will the captain be like? How will our self-provisioning shop go? Is there a whole foods in Raiatea? Ha ha. how much wine do we pack? Will anyone get seasick? How can it be that the day’s low and high temperature can both be 25c? How many hours of schoolwork can we manage each day? Will The kids eat anthing other then bananas and rice for the next three months?