Paris it is not. We arrived last night into Papeete (pa-pee-ete), the primary city of the island of Tahiti, and of the South Pacific in general.
Most of the guide books have described it as dirty and congested and suggest you leave on arrival. We didn’t, we decided to stay because we’ve been hanging out at the beach and thought we could use an urban infusion before we headed down to the surf town of Teahupoo. Instead of roosters, we woke up to the hum of scooters, traffic whistles, and emergency vehicles. I’ve seen four roaches today, one of which climbed up my leg (fortunatly it was a small one). The city seems to be crumbling and some of the buildings are boarded, but the people are friendly and eclectic (think white high heels and yoga pants).
We are staying at a fabulouse hotel (www.hoteltahitinui.com) that is an Asian version of a “W”. We secured the family suite which has a view of the harbour from its terrace.

a few too many loungy days has me feeling soft, so took an aqufit class. I couldn’t understand half of it but the instructor got out of the pool a lot, to the giggles of the expat french and upwardly mobile Tahitian ladies in the class.

We went to an amazing french restaurant last night. Highly recommend this one if you ever find yourself in Papeete.
L’O a la Bouche. We got lost on the way home and had to ask a Zon Zon for help (we think we just learnt this word for transvestite but google translator doesn’t seem to agree ?). Interesting night all in all.