With 12 bags, 3 children, a husband with a broken hand, and 5 minutes to get up two flights of stairs, we made our train. Thank goodness chilvary isn’t dead in Lyon. I threw all the bags into the nearest train car, then myself, and the train was off to Paris. We are in Paris to organize and provision for the next couple of months. It’s been a bit of a mad dash, seeing friends (the first time in three months…and then dancing til the wee hours at Raspoutine while the kids are home with a babysitter, and provisioning. Our shopping list consists of binoculars, safari pants, and camel riding gear. It’s made me laugh everytime I tell the shop keepers. Is this really what we’re doing????

We have rented, what feels like, my great aunt’s apartment. It was the only apartment left, as it’s fashion week and the maison et object furniture show, and it feels rather comfy. We’re on the top floor with a view of the steeple tower of a gothic church beside the Louvre. The bells gong at 8am, making sure you are up!

We took some time out to relax at the famous Angelina’s, a french tea house of sorts, reputed as having the best hot chocolate in the world. The service was terrible, but the chocolate was thick and then we spent the afternoon sitting in the tulleries garden watching our kids run about with the other internationals.
The Eiffle tower at night
gwen at the top
ladies on the tour eiffle

Phase two is behind us, first Asia and now Europe are in our past. Next stop, Muscat, Oman to be followed by Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and Rwanda. Mixed emotions as always: shouldn’t we have just stayed in val d’isere skiing for the rest of the season? We’re also feeling intense excitement and slight trepidation about the unknown worlds awaiting us on the other side of the Med.