I’ve had two cups of coffee and done the mandatory ‘new country-grooming’, and I still feel like I’ve been up all night and slept in my clothes. We’ve had two long days of travel, so we could squeeze in the island of Lamu at the end of our Africa segment, before heading to Buenos Aires. Lamu is located in the north of Kenya, near Somalia. It’s a UNESCO site, and nearly empty of tourists, after last year’s kidnapping.

Everyone seems to have a theory, but regardless of why the french lady was taken (an excuse to invade Somalia?), it’s a quaint and special place, trapped in time. It has a wonderful mix of Arab architecture, sunshine, and old world charm. There are no cars, and donkey’s litter the street as the only form of transportation.

We were lucky enough to stay at Paponi’s, a beautiful little hotel run by third generation european Kenyan’s