The Anderodyssey is our family travel blog. We’re on a bit of a gap year and thought we’d create this to keep family and friends updated as we meander around the globe. We left Oct 2 for a three week stint in French Polynesia before setting off for Japan, Laos, Thailand, India, parts of Europe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya, and a bit of South America.

When not travelling, the Andersons live in West Vancouver, BC.
Jessica, 39, is chief family blogger
Don, 39, heads up logistics
Gwen, 8, runs our public relations while on the road
Kate, 6, manages inter-familial relations
Ashton, 4, keeps us all on our toes

14 thoughts on “About”

  1. guys…looks like the adventure is moving along quite nicely…me and the boys enjoy looking at the pics and following your journey…keep an blogging and keep safe


    Russ, Jack and Henry

  2. carol jennings said:

    Hi Jess and Don….Gwen, Kate and Ash too!,
    Just getting over our jet lag from Italy.
    So glad to see your photos and stories.
    what a lifetime opportunity, I am so happy for you.
    Jess are you still on FB….I have and will be posting photos from our trip so Keep an eye out.
    Keep having fun,

  3. Dear Jessica and Don, I live in Kenya, and would be more than happy to host you all here, and/or have you stay in my home for as long as you wish. I’m gone a fair bit because of my safari business, but you all are most welcomed.

    Warm regards,
    Mark C. Ross

  4. Dear Gwen,

    I saw the christmas card and I see you are having Fun. Thinking of you…
    I am missing you.


  5. Miho Ohashi said:

    Dear Jessica, Don, Gwen, Kate and Ashton,
    Greeting from Tokyo!
    It was soo nice to see you all in Tokyo.
    Martha shared your blog – so nice to read about your trip and see the beautiful pictures.
    Belated Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


  6. Hi Jessica;

    Just read your blog on Paris. Always look forward to getting then sharing them with Sierra when she gets home from school. We have been tried to write on Gwens page but it isn’t working so I thought I would send you an email to say hello. Also, I gotta tell you Sierra seems very often of Gwen and I am being comoletely honest she misses her so much. She dreams of her often and kisses her picture a lot and sometime even has some tears and asks how much longer till my Gweny gets back! It is quite amazing how much she misses her. I tell her to just hang in there and when Gwen comes back she will have tons of stories for Sierra and we will make sure there are lots of playdates! We are planning Sierra;s bday (Feb 17) same as yours:) so I think that made her think of Gwen more too.
    We miss you and can’t wait till you come back…….when are you coming back?

    Love always,
    Sierra and Ramona

    • Happy birthday Sierra! Sorry we missed it we have been on safari in Kenya and have had virtually no Internet.
      I miss you too!
      We will be home in about 40 or so days, not long now! I have tears sometimes too.
      Is there any snow outside in Vancouver??
      Love Gwen

  7. Percy Abraham said:

    it just needs to be said – you guys are frickin awesome !! What a trip!

  8. Julianna Shin said:

    Dear Gwen i love your pictures and videos

    i wish you a happy valentines
    and hope you have a nice journey
    and Gabby wish Kate a happy valentines

    LOVE Juju

  9. Katherine Sturdy said:

    Happy Birthday Jessica! I hope you guys are having a fabulous trip and I love reading the blog so that I know what you are up to!
    See you when your home!

  10. Greg and Judy said:

    Jess, your stories and photography continue to impress the heck out of both of us – and our friends. We are there with you all, as best as we can be, thanks to you. Gwen looks like a junior diplomat the way she meets and greets all those around her. It is so sweet.

  11. Hi Gweny:

    I just want you back now I miss you so much!

    Love you

  12. Jackie Pye said:

    Wow. This is amazing. Inspired for sure. Planning a 3 – 6 monther for next winter. But…would love to pick your brain first. Is Gwen coming to camp this summer? Or is she recovering from her excitement? If you could send me your email it would be great. pyejackie@gmail.com. Take care! Jackie Pye

    • Hi Jackie, sorry for the delay, I don’t log on as much now that we are at home. Gwenie and Kate will both be coming to camo this year. They are very excited. Being back has been very nice. We were all feeling a little burnt out. If I didn’t know it already, I certainly realize now how lucky we are to live in Canada. But even though it is ideal, we have decided to keep exploring. The plan is to go and live in Paris for a few years. A stark contrast to living in green and spacious Vancouver! Happy to have our brains picked, so ask away!
      Also, check out this video. It gives me the traveling urge every time I see it!


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