Gwen’s Art Gallery

Gwen is 7 years old and loves to draw. She often brings a sketch book to dinner.

This is a picture that Gwen drew in her journal. Every few days she draws a picture along with a few sentences about what’s going on around her. We went to an outdoor market and ate at a “roulette” or truck which serves up different dishes. One truck might serve hamburgers, another chinese, and another steak and fries (Gwen and kate’s favorite).

Sailing into a storm. French Polynesia

Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan

Building across from our apartment, Tokyo, Japan

Portrait, "Mom" Tokyo, Japan

Our boat on the Mekong River, Thailand

Buddha under the tree of enlightenment

Feeding Elephants, Northern Thailand

Budhist Monk recieving alms (bread)

Chicken Island, Krabi, Thailand

Snorkling, Andamon Sea, Thailand